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Are you planning a health vacation? Would you like to spend such a vacation in pure nature? Then you have come to the right place at Vitalhotel Jagdhof.

There are many reasons why Hotel Jagdhof is the perfect place for a spa stay that aids in regeneration and strengthens your health.

Not only is the hotel located in the spa resort of Bad Füssing, but it is also a yoga hotel. Here you will find relaxation as well as peace and quiet – both physical and mental. Our yoga offer is individually tailored to participants so that health problems present no obstacle for the participant.

We have a wellness oasis with indoor pool, sauna facility, and massage area.


Our offers also include visits to the Johannesbad thermal spa, the largest spa in Bad Füssing. The world-famous healing water in the spa heals a variety of ailments and is an important component of spa therapy.

Johannesbad Hotel Königshof in Bad Füssing Gesundheit Kur

Spa treatment at Vitalhotel Jagdhof

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Erlebnis Gesundheit Kur
Hotel Jagdhof – ideal accommodations for your spa vacation or general health vacation in Bad Füssing.


Spend your spa vacation with us in Lower Bavaria’s Bäderdreieck (Spa Triangle) – one of Europe’s most famous spa resorts directly between Passau and Munich.


Measures of medical prevention and rehabilitation are part of spa therapy as well as measures that maintain your health or restore it. With such measures, it is important to clarify to what extent your insurance provider covers costs. It is best to speak directly with the contact person from your health insurance company.

 Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Johannesbad Therme Weg zur Kur
Did you know that those with statutory insurance are entitled to spa therapy?

Your way to the cure

The only requirement is that the treatment is medically justifiable. Our Vitalhotel Jagdhof is the optimal spa therapy hotel for nature lovers. We will gladly give you an overview of what your spa therapy will consist of. More information is available from your insurance provider since each therapy application is individual. Our service center can answer general questions about your stay in Hotel Jagdhof in Kirchham near Bad Füssing. We are always happy to help you.

Download info about the spa application here
Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Johannesbad Therme Ambulante Badekur
What exactly is meant by outpatient spa therapy?

Outpatient spa treatment

For this purpose, outpatient benefits are granted if inpatient rehabilitation is not necessary, but a complex therapy program is still beneficial for your health. This type of therapy and the selection of accommodations is available to every insured person. We would love to have you stay in our spa hotel Jagdhof in Bad Füssing for your outpatient spa therapy. The health insurance provider can grant an allowance of up to 16 Euro per day for costs such as accommodations and meals. It is best to clarify this in advance with your insurance provider. We are available anytime if you have more questions!

Our offers for download

Offers for your health

from € 543

Johannesbad Thermalhotel Ludwig Thoma in Bad Füssing Angebot Gesund Urlauben
Healthy vacations with Dr. Zwick
Included services
  • 7 x overnight stay
  • 7 x vital breakfast buffet
  • 7 x cold-warm evening buffet
  • 7 x admission to the Johannesbad Spa*
  • 2 x massage (20 min. each)
  • 1 x Dr. Zwick sports massage (30 min.)

from € 199

Johannesbad Vitalhotel Jagdhof Angebot Yoga Light
Yoga Light
Included services
  • 2 x overnight stay
  • 2 x vital breakfast buffet
  • 2 x cold-warm evening buffet
  • 1 x theoretical yoga introduction
  • 2 x yoga with breathing exercises and sun salutations
  • 2 x admission to Johannesbad thermal spa*

from € 329

Bad Füssing Pur Johannesbad Vitalhotel Jagdhof Bad Füssing
Bad Füssing Pure
Included services
  • 5 x overnight stay
  • 5 x vitality breakfast buffet
  • 5 x cold-warm evening buffet
  • 5 x admission to the Johannesbad thermal bath*
  • Use of the hotel wellness area*

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