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Thermenurlaub Johannesbad Hotels in Bad Hofgastein
Thermenurlaub Johannesbad Hotels in Bad Hofgastein
Wellness in den Johannesbad Hotels
Wellness in den Johannesbad Hotels

Bad Hofgastein

Vacation in Salzburger Land / Gasteinertal

04nBad Hofgastein: 18° C

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Vacation in Bad Hofgastein

Whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter - the Gastein Valley in Salzburger Land shows its most beautiful side at any time of the year and is always worth a visit.

Arrive. Relax. Feel good. Bad Hofgastein: the optimal spot for your next short vacation, weekend trip, or family vacation. In our Hotel St. Georg and Hotel Palace, we provide attractive vacation offers for your wellness vacation, winter vacation, skiing vacation, or classic spa vacation for top prices.

Whether you visit Bad Hofgastein for an active vacation, simply want to relax on a wellness vacation, or would like to focus on your health, the Gasteinertal always has much to offer. The three communities in Gastein – as locals often refer to the valley - are Bad Gastein, Dorfgastein, and Bad Hofgastein.

The Gasteinertal is also known as the “valley of spas” and has great offers for relaxation and regeneration for young and old during a wellness vacation.

Bad Hofgastein in den Johannesbad Hotels

Vacation experience in Bad Hofgastein

Thermenurlaub Bad Hofgastein in den Johannesbad Hotels
Gasetin thermal water – in the hotel and 2 spas in the valley

Vacation in the valley of spas

Gastein thermal water runs directly into both of our spa hotels. You can easily and conveniently reach the Alpentherme on foot and discover its adventure and health worlds. In neighboring Bad Gastein, you can also visit the Felsentherme.

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Wellnessurlaub in den Johannesbad Hotels in Bad Hofgastein
After a day full of fun experiences, you can enjoy pure relaxation.

Wellness holiday in Bad Hofgastein

You will find relaxing peace & quiet in our wellness areas with sauna, steam bath, hot tub, or indoor thermal pool.


Or treat yourself to a wellness massage or pampering beauty treatment. These provide the perfect feel-good factor for a great vacation in Salzburger Land. Enjoy your free time even more and return to everyday life full of renewed energy.

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Gesundheitsurlaub in den Johannesbad Hotels Bad Hofgastein
Health is our most valuable asset! We must therefore protect and nurture it as best we can.

Vacation for your health

Health for mind, body, and soul. Recharge your batteries on a health vacation in Bad Hofgastein in the beautiful Salzburger Land. Health treatments in the hotel, genuine Gastein thermal water, and the world-famous Gastein Heilstollen offer a unique concept for health and prevention.

The Johannesbad hotels in Bad Hofgastein provide great vacation offers for your next vacation. 

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Familienurlaub in Bad Hofgastein in den Johannesbad Hotels
A diverse adventure program for your family vacation in Gastein

Family vacation

Enjoy many unforgettable experiences for the whole family: great hikes with exciting surprises, panning for gold, alpaca hikes, fishing, and much more! You also can’t miss out on a visit to the family world in the large Alpentherme.

Cool day excursions in Salzburger Land will whisk you away on a journey of discovery: summer lifts, salt mine, castles, birds of prey... these are memories that will last a lifetime. Of course, winter is also tons of fun: tobogganing, ice skating, snowshoeing, skiing, and... There is always something to do here!

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Feiertage und Kurzurlaube in Bad Hofgastein in den Johannesbad Hotels
A break in the mountains: enjoy holidays and long weekends in Bad Hofgastein

Holidays & long weekends

Taking a few breaks throughout the year is like a power nap for the body, and Gastein is optimally suited for your break: breathe in the fresh mountain air, feel the power of nature, enjoy culinary delicacies, and relax with an aromatic oil massage and pure wellness.

Or enjoy a few spa days full of pampering – both spa resorts in the valley are always worth a visit.

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Yoga in Bad Hofgastein in den Johannesbad Hotels
Yoga brings mind, body, and soul into harmony

Yoga vacation

Twice a year, Gastein is a meeting place for yoga enthusiasts. With more than 300 yoga sessions, around 40 distinguished yoga instructors offer lessons for newcomers and experienced learners. 

The settings for these yoga days are quite unique because the sessions take place in partner hotels or in the great outdoors: right in front of the impressive Gastein waterfall, in the Felsentherme, or up high on the Stubnerkogel. 

Yoga enthusiasts should definitely make notes of the dates for these days!

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Beautyurlaub in Bad Hofgastein in den Johannesbad Hotels
Beauty and well-being await you

Beauty and cosmetics

The skilled hands of our cosmeticians and the high-quality care products will make your skin radiant. Beauty treatments from head to toe are additional feel-good factors for your time in Gastein.

You can return to everyday life well-groomed, visibly rejuvenated, and at the top of your game.

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Aktivurlaub und Sommerurlaub in Bad Hofgastein in den Johannesbad Hotels
Gastein is a paradise for hiking fans, nature lovers, and bikers

Active & vital vacation

For mountain enthusiasts and Nordic walking fans, the selection of hiking routes, ranging from easy to challenging, leads to rustic hill farms, the most beautiful Alpine meadows, wonderful waterfalls, and rippling mountain streams. Enjoy the fascinating mountain panorama! You can easily plan your route HERE. And don’t forget: you can’t miss out on a stop for delicious refreshments

Gastein is a true nature paradise for cyclists and e-bikers. You can choose from leisurely short routes, challenging trails, and fascinating mountains tours, and we guarantee everyone will find their favorite trail here. You can gain insight into the unlimited variety for your biking vacation in Gastein HERE.

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Winterurlaub und Skiurlaub Johannesbad Hotel in Bad Hofgastein
Winter hiking, tobogganing, and skiing

Winter and skiing vacation in Gastein

Gastein has many facets: the 220 km of slopes delight skiers and snowboarders of all ages. The ski runs are diverse and exciting – from easy and family-friendly runs to challenging slopes, there is something for everyone!


Of course, the Gasteinertal is also a winter wonderland for all fans of winter who don’t bring their skis or snowboard. Tobogganing, ice skating, spa enjoyment, snowshoeing, and much more make a winter vacation in Gastein your own personal winter dream come true.

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Johannesbad Hotels in Bad Hofgastein im Salzburger Land


Around Bad Hofgastein

The idyllic nature, the magnificent mountains, and the many recreational opportunities create the perfect conditions for a successful stay in Bad Hofgastein. Whether an active vacation with hiking in Salzburg’s mountains or a wellness vacation in the valley of spas. Located right in the middle of Salzburger Land, Bad Hofgastein is the optimal starting point for eventful vacation days. A vacation in the Gasteinertal includes the perfect vacation offer for all ages.

Find out more information about the offers in and around Gastein – we have many insider tips for you!

Thermenurlaub Johannesbad Hotel Palace in Bad Hofgastein


Valley of spas

The Gasteinertal is also known as the “valley of spas”. Our spa hotels, Hotel St. Georg and Hotel Palace, provide the optimal starting point for your spa vacation in Salzburger Land. You can reach the adventure and health worlds of the Alpentherme in only a short amount of time. Six theme areas await visitors both young and old. Or you can visit the Felsentherme in neighboring Bad Gastein. Feel the healing power of thermal water. You can find more information here…

Sommer im Johannesbad Hotels in Bad Hofgastein


Gastein in summer

Pure nature, magnificent mountains, and experiences for all ages

The Alpine plant and animal world of Gastein is unique and diverse. Explore new trails on foot, by bike, or perhaps on horseback. Play a round of golf or simply enjoy the sun and fresh mountain air. Are you a fan of hiking? Then don’t miss out on the fantastic Alpine panorama in the Gasteinertal, where traditional hill farms and mountain huts enchant visitors with their delicious snacks and stunning views.


If you want to be active during your vacation time, Gastein has thousands of opportunities.

Winterurlaub Johannesbad Hotel in Bad Hofgastein


Gastein in winter

Always an experience: the Gasteinertal in winter. Awaiting you here is a vacation full of fun on the slopes in a gorgeous winter landscape. In winter, our Johannesbad hotels transform into wonderful skiing hotels in the middle of the largest winter sports area in Austria. Of course, there are many other winter sports possibilities such as winter hiking, tobogganing, cross-country skiing, and much more. Learn more about all the possibilities in Bad Hofgastein…

Gesundheitsurlaub Johannesbad Hotels in Bad Hofgastein

Health in Gastein

Great importance is placed on spa therapy & health

The combination of the many healing powers in Gastein is unique and has been renowned far beyond the borders of Salzburger Land for centuries. Spa guests have been coming to Gastein from the very beginning for the Gastein Heilstollen, which provides relief for patients suffering from chronic pain. Gastein radon therapy and Gastein thermal water, which transports its healing power from deep within the interior of the mountain, are unparalleled remedies and effective therapies for prevention.   

Kultur und Events Johannesbad Hotels in Bad Hofgastein


Culture & events

There is always something going on in Bad Hofgastein! Awaiting you are great, interesting events for all ages. Just one glance at the events calendar and you will see what the 4-star Johannesbad hotels have to offer during your vacation. Whether guided hikes, yoga walks, or exciting castle tours, the diverse offer provides something for absolutely everyone.

In the following you will find interesting events in and around Bad Hofgastein.

Events in Gastein

There’s always something going on here in Gastein...
25.07. - 22.08.2024
until 10 pm
Bad Hofgastein

Whether you are in Gastein for a short vacation or spending your summer vacation with the whole family in the Gastein Valley: you should not miss out on Stern:Shoppen! Stroll leisurely from one shop window to the next, sample the regional culinary delights and listen to the music groups.

Circuit hiking days
Summer 2024
Circuit hiking days

Swing from summit to summit and experience all of the highlights on the mountain.
Dates summer 2024
Monday, 22 July | Monday, 29 July | Monday, 5 August | Thursday, 15 August | Monday, 19 August | Monday, 26 August | Saturday, 7 September 2024

12.07. - 31.08.2024
Bad Gastein
sommer.frische.kunst. in Bad Gastein

The art belongs to Bad Gastein like the imposing mountains and the magnificent Belle Époque buildings. No wonder that an excellent art and cultural festival has established itself here with sommer.frische.kunst.

Summer 2024

Music enjoyment in classical music summer in the valley and on the alpine pastures – this is classical music summer in Gastein! A varied potpourri of classic and contemporary cultural events awaits you. That's why this music highlight in the Salzburger Land must not be missing in your personal events calendar in 2024.

26.06. - 28.08.2024
Bad Gastein

Jazz in the heart of Bad Gastein! The concert series "" is for many music lovers one of the most beautiful open air events in the Gastein Valley. And a fixed point in the event calendar!

14.03. - 17.03.2024
yunion Yoga Festival

The most modern yoga festival in Austria has become a permanent fixture of the yoga offerings in Gastein. Hundreds of yoga enthusiasts make an annual pilgrimage to Bad Hofgastein for their personal yoga retreat to enjoy yoga in all its forms.

Inside Yoga, Inside Flow, Yin Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga are just a few of the workshop formats that the Yunion Yoga Festival offers over the course of an entire week.

Johannesbad Hotel Logo

Our Johannesbad Hotel at Bad Hofgastein

Arrive. Relax. Feel good. Bad Hofgastein. The ideal place for your next short break, weekend trip or family vacation. In our Hotel Palace we offer you attractive holiday offers for your wellness holiday, winter holiday, skiing holiday or even the classic thermal bath holiday at top conditions.

Johannesbad Hotel Palace in Bad Hofgastein
Bad Hofgastein (A)

Johannesbad Hotel Palace

In the middle of the Salzburger Land - quiet and centrally located - our 4-star hotel awaits you with healthy holiday enjoyment, pure wellness and active holidays in summer and winter.

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