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Our Hotel Ludwig Thoma provides a vast array of therapy offers and spa treatments for your health vacation in Bad Füssing.

The ideal conditions for your spa therapy and similar treatments. Along with a supply of thermal water, the spa hotel also has its own massage practice. Among other things, physical therapy, electrotherapy, manual therapy, and lymph drainage are offered. In addition, there are numerous wellness treatments that serve to enhance your well-being.


In 4-star Hotel Ludwig Thoma, you are in the best hands if you want to work on improving your health. Thermal water, highly qualified therapists, and many extras make our hotel the ideal therapy and wellness resort.  

Johannesbad Thermalhotel Ludwig Thoma in Bad Füssing Erlebnis Gesundheit

The cure

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Erlebnis Gesundheit Kur
A spa stay or a health vacation in Bad Füssing.


Our spa hotel Ludwig Thoma is located between Munich and Passau in the well-known Bäderdreieck (Spa Triangle) in Bad Füssing – one of the most famous spa resorts throughout Germany.


Measures of medical prevention and rehabilitation are part of spa therapy as well as measures that maintain your health or restore it. You can clarify in advance to what extent your health insurance covers costs for the various forms of treatments with an advisor from your insurance company. We are happy to answer any general questions about spa therapy in our Hotel Ludwig Thoma.

Johannesbad Thermalhotel Ludwig Thoma Erlebnis Gesundheit Weg zur Kur
Those with statutory insurance are regularly entitled to spa therapy

Your journey to wellness with spa therapy

The only requirement is that the treatment is medically justifiable. Our Hotel Ludwig Thoma is the ideal spa hotel in Bad Füssing. We will gladly give you an overview of what your spa therapy will consist of.


For more detailed inquiries and therapy information, please contact your insurance provider, because therapy applications and services vary. Our reservation will be happy to answer questions about your spa stay in Hotel Ludwig Thoma in Bad Füssing. 

Download info about the spa application here
Johannesbad Thermalhotel Ludwig Thoma Erlebnis Gesundheit Ambulante Badekur
Since 2021, outpatient spa therapy is again a standard benefit from health insurance providers.

Spa therapy

Although spa therapy is known under many different titles, these days it is officially labelled as “preventative health services in an approved health resort” and is one of the most popular forms of treatment today. This form of therapy is especially valued because outpatient spa therapy is the ideal combination of therapy, vacation, and health. The course of treatment is generally 3 weeks and includes a free choice of dates, which is a decisive advantage over other treatments. You can choose exactly when you would like to start your therapy here in Hotel Ludwig Thoma.

Our offers for download

Offers from Ludwig Thoma for your health vacation:

from € 709

Johannesbad Therme Bad Füssing Wellenbecken
Thermal Week
Included services

7 nights full of relaxation & healing power of Johannesbad thermal mineral water. Book now and experience pure relaxation!

from € 209

Schnuppertage im Johannesbad Thermalhotel Ludwig Thoma
Taster days
Included services

Your marvelous little time out to relax, 2 nights including admission to the Johannesbad Thermal Spa.

from € 509

Johannesbad Thermalhotel Ludwig Thoma in Bad Füssing Angebot Ludwigs Wohlfühlzeit
Bad Füssing Pure
Included services

Enjoy 5 nights and pure thermal pleasure with 4x admission to Johannesbad, the largest thermal spa in Bad Füssing.

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