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Heilwasser Johannesbad Therme
Heilwasser Johannesbad Therme

Strengthening through natural forces


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Treat yourself to the natural elemental power of the thermal mineral water from the Johannesquelle spring in our Johannesbad thermal spa in Bad Füssing.

The Johannesbad Therme, Germany's largest thermal spa, is widely known for the outstanding effectiveness of the thermal mineral water from its own, state-approved Johannes spring.
From a depth of 1000 m, around 800,000 liters of healing water make their way out of the millennia-old Jurassic rock every day and feed the 13 indoor and outdoor pools of the Johannesbad thermal baths with pleasantly warm water temperatures of 27 to 39°C.
Thanks to the high concentration of sulphur and the unique mineral composition, this water develops its lasting healing effect in a completely natural way. This lasts for a while after you return home.
It is absorbed through the skin or respiratory tract and can be used for rheumatic diseases, spinal disorders, metabolic diseases, post-surgical treatment, cardiovascular and circulatory disorders,
paralysis, gynecological diseases and general regeneration.

Heilanzeigen Johannesbad Therme Bad Füssing
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Our thermal mineral water is helpful for many different indications.

Our mineral thermal water has a lasting and proven effect - for your performance at work, optimal regeneration after accidents or operations, maintaining or regaining your mental and physical strength for the challenges of everyday life or simply for your general well-being. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply contact us.

Spine (1)

Probleme mit der Wirbelsäule - Heilanzeigen / Indikationen in der Johannesbad Therme in Bad Füssing

Spinal disorders - Do you have problems with your spine?

Our mineral thermal water is an effective source of relief for various spinal conditions.

It offers proven relief for signs of wear and tear such as spondylosis and spondylarthrosis, disc damage such as chondrosis and osteochondrosis, as well as for acute problems such as slipped discs and lumbago, migraine (cervical). In addition, it can also support chronic inflammatory processes in vertebral joints and intervertebral discs, including ankylosing spondylitis. It also addresses malpositions, misalignments of the vertebral bodies and deformities of the extremities and joints. Discover the targeted help to promote your spinal health at our facility.

Women's complaints (1)


Women's complaints

Our mineral thermal water at the Johannesbad Therme has been proven to have lasting effects on women's complaints.

In particular, it provides support for chronic inflammatory abdominal disorders such as chronic adnexal diseases, adhesion problems caused by adhesions as well as hormonal and functional abdominal disorders, including amenorrhea and fertility disorders. Immerse yourself in the beneficial power of our water and promote your well-being in a natural way.

Cardiovascular and circulatory (1)

Herz-, Kreislauf- und Durchblutungsstörungen

Cardiovascular and circulatory disorders

Our mineral thermal spring has been proven to have long-lasting positive effects on cardiovascular and circulatory disorders.

It offers targeted support for various heart diseases, provided they are balanced, in the condition after a heart attack as well as nervous and functional heart complaints. It also has a positive effect on high and low pressure and vegetative dystonia. It also helps to alleviate circulatory disorders of the limbs, intermittent claudication, peripheral circulatory disorders, acrocyanosis, erythrocyanosis, endangiitis obliterans or Winiwarter-Bürger's disease, Raynaud's disease, arteriosclerosis and after vascular surgery. Experience the healing power of our water for a strengthened heart and improved blood circulation.

Metabolism (1)


Metabolic diseases - Do you have problems with your metabolism?

Our mineral thermal spring at Johannesbad Therme in Bad Füssing has been proven to have lasting effects on metabolic disorders.

It offers targeted support for an increase in uric acid in the blood (hyperuricemia), gout (arthritisurica) and bone decalcification, including osteoporosis of endocrine and other origins. Immerse yourself in the healing properties of our water and promote the balance of your metabolism in a natural way.

Rheumatism (1)

Rheumatische Erkrankungen

Do you have rheumatic diseases?

The water of the Johannesbad spring has positive effects on rheumatic diseases.

Such as chronic inflammatory joint diseases (chron. Polyarthritis, PCP or rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis of other origins), signs of wear and tear on joints (degenerative rheumatism or arthrosis and polyarthrosis), chronic inflammatory processes of the joint environment, especially shoulder and hip joints (periarthritis), muscle rheumatism, muscle tension, muscle hardness (rheumatism musculorum, crampus, myogelosis), chronic nerve inflammation and nerve pain (chron. Neuritis and neuralgia, especially of the sciatic nerve and the arm plexus).

Surgical aftercare (1)

Heilanzeige Thermalwasser chirurgische Nachbehandlung

After surgical procedures

The thermal water from the Johannesbad spring has been proven to have positive effects as a surgical after-treatment.

It supports conditions after bone fractures, promotes the formation of callus in cases of delayed bone healing and helps with residues after bruises and joint injuries. It also has a soothing effect on conditions following bruising, muscle injuries and operations on muscle and tendon tissue. The water helps to reduce muscle weakness caused by immobilization and poor posture, treats conditions following burns and alleviates scarring. It is also ideal for the post-treatment of spinal and joint operations (intervertebral disc operations), in particular total endoprosthesis implants in hip and knee joints. Experience a holistic recovery after surgery at our facility.

General regeneration (1)

Allgemeine Regeneration_Heilanzeigen

General regeneration

The thermal water from the Johannesbad spring has a variety of positive effects on general regeneration.

The thermal water helps to alleviate stress-related illnesses and states of exhaustion, and it has a beneficial effect on alleviating age-related complaints. It stimulates the metabolism, supports detoxification and helps to alleviate the effects of environmental damage.
In our Johannesbad Therme, you will experience the revitalizing power of spring water, which contributes to holistic regeneration.

Immerse yourself and promote your well-being in a natural way.


Circulatory disorders (1)

Durchblutungsstörung - Heilanzeigen /Indikationen in der Johannesbad Therme in Bad Füssing

Circulatory disorders

For guests with heart disease, as long as they are balanced, the JohannesbadTherme offers an ideal environment for recovery and stabilization.

People who have suffered a heart attack will also find specially tailored offers here to support their recovery. Our spa is also designed to offer people with nervous and functional heart problems a place of rest and relaxation. The healing mineral thermal water of the JohannesbadTherme can help to alleviate vegetative dystonia and promote the balance between hypertension and hypotension.
Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation. Your wellbeing is our focus.

Symptoms of paralysis (1)

Heilwasser Lähmungserscheinungen Bad Füssing

Symptoms of paralysis

Our thermal mineral water has been proven to help with some symptoms of paralysis.

E.g. flaccid and spastic paralysis. Paralysis following accidents, injuries and operations (post-traumatic post-operative paralysis), condition following a stroke (post-apoplectic condition) six months after the last attack. Consequences of spinal polio (post-poliomyelitis status).

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