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winterurlaub bad füssing 3
Herbst in Bad Füssing
Herbst in Bad Füssing
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winterurlaub bad füssing 2

Spring & summer vacation in Bad Füssing

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Vacation pleasure in Bad Füssing with 4,000m² of water surface and extensive green areas for sun worshippers

Wonderful bathing vacation in Bad Füssing with our 3 and 4-star Johannesbad Hotels and the largest thermal spa landscape in Germany.

The 13 indoor and outdoor pools of the Johannesbad Therme with the largest, park-like sunbathing areas make the hearts of bathing enthusiasts and sun lovers beat faster in spring and summer.

Nestled in the magnificent Lower Bavarian countryside, close to the Austrian border and the Bavarian Forest National Park, Bad Füssing is the ideal destination for a relaxing bathing and spa vacation, as well as for numerous activities on foot or by bike or e-bike in the fresh air, along the majestic Inn River, across meadows, fields and forests.

Culture lovers will love the great open-air events and excursion destinations in and around Bad Füssing.

Sommerurlaub & Frühlingsurlaub in den Johannesbad Hotels in Bad Füssing

Highlights spring & summer

Johannesbad Therme with 13 indoor and outdoor pools, 4,000 m² water surface

XXL lounging areas of the Johannesbad Therme next to pine and birch groves 

Easter market at the Königshof with arts and crafts

MAGIC BLUE Open Air with big pop party in August

Old Bavarian summer festival with music & dancing

Garden festival with various exhibitors

Easter concert - spa orchestra

Whitsun concert - spa orchestra

Regular concerts

Guided hikes

Reading and sculpture garden

3-day music festival in July

Sunset on the Inn

124,000 m² leisure park

Tennis & Squash Center

Amber Museum

Path of Poetry

Cabaret, comedy and singing performances

Events in Bad Füssing

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing MAGIC BLUE Open Air
01.08.-03.08 2024
Donnerstag & Freitag ab 19:30, Samstag ab 14:00

Also next year, the green heart of Europe's most popular spa town Bad Füssing, the Kurpark, will be transformed into a huge open-air concert arena for three days at the 2nd "MAGIC BLUE OpenAir". A spectacular line-up of artists will be on offer: Alphaville, Tim Bendzko, Beatrice Egli, Nino de Angelo, Marianne Rosenberg and many other stars will be on stage in Bad Füssing's Kurpark next summer.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Easter market Königshof
Johannesbad Hotel Königshof
Easter market

Around the Easter holidays, an Easter market for all takes place in our Johannesbad Hotel Königshof. In various booths you can marvel at handicraft skills and maybe there is a souvenir for one or the other decoration lover. Of course, the culinary well-being of the visitors is also provided and a contest with great prizes is on top.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Garten festival
07.06.-09.06 2024
11:00 - 19:00 Uhr Friday & Saturday, 11:00 - 17:00 Uhr on Sunday
Bad Füssinger Freizeitpark
Bad Füssinger Garden festival

The second edition of the Garden Festival will be held in Bad Füssing "Freizeitpark" on the weekend of 7.6. to 9.6.2024. There is a variety of stalls set up where exhibitors from a wide range of horticultural sectors can display and sell their products. Interested people can admire this weekend, among other things, garden decorations, flowers and tools and get inspiration for their own garden.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Musik-Festival
Bad Füssinger Freizeitpark

To celebrate the 15th anniversary, the Musikverein Bad Füssing organizes a festival from July 05 to July 07, 2024, that is intended to unite young and old. Over three days, the association has put together an exciting program. The "Blaskapelle Karambolage" and the band "PATCHWORK" could be won as guests.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Old Bavarian summer festival
15:00 - 22:00 Uhr
Old Bavarian summer festival

Is there a nicer way to enjoy the summer than sitting together in the evening and dancing to atmospheric music? All who would answer this question with "no", this two-day event of FC Bad Füssing is warmly recommended. Also for the physical well-being is provided with hearty food and drinks.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Wine festival
23.08.-25.08 2024
15:00 - 23:00 Uhr
Wine festival

Exquisite red wine, fruity white wine and delicious delicacies - you will find all of this in abundance at the wine festival organized by GastroStars Bad Füssing. Sitting together and switching off from everyday life is also possible without any problems. With the best weather and exciting live music offer, you can enjoy the summer with your loved ones and have fun.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Kurorchester
Monday - Sunday
Musikpavillon Kleines Kurhaus / Kursaal Großes Kurhaus
The spa orchestra

In its over four decades of existence, the spa orchestra evolved to a real institution of
Bad Füssing.Twelve times a week Bad Füssing's spa orchestra is onstage: on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and weekends from 10.00 am nearly to noon and on Mondays,
Wednesdays, Thursdays and on weekends from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm. On Wednesdays
and Sundays you can also experience the spa orchestra at 7.30 pm.

25.12.2023 Christmas concert

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Oktoberfest
21.09.-22.09 2024
09:00 - 21:00 Uhr

The Oktoberfest will take place again this year in Bad Füssing. No, this is not a misprint. On the contrary, the organizers have put together a remarkable program that can definitely keep up with the Munich original. In addition to the traditional procession, guests can also look forward to the beer tapping and the group "Dirndl Rocker".

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Königshof Vernissage Denis Sadiku
19:30 Uhr
Johannesbad Hotel Königshof
Vernissage opening Dennis Sadiku

From 07.11 to 05.12 works of the artist Dennis Sadiku are exhibited in the lobby of the Johannesbad Hotel Königshof. This is the prelude to a series of vernissages that will enhance the Königshof. Interested parties thus have the opportunity to support regional art and be inspired until 04.06.2024.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Weihnachtsgala
19:30 Uhr
Großes Kurhaus
Bad Füssing christmas gala

Look forward to a varied music and Schlager program on Boxing Day in Bad Füssing. With Romy (vocals & moderation), Reiner Kirsten, Nockis and the voices of the mountains.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Königshof Vernissage Astrid Neuner
19:30 Uhr
Johannesbad Hotel Königshof
Vernissage opening Astrid Neuner

From 05.12 to 02.01.2024 works of the artist Astrid Neuner are exhibited in the lobby of the Johannesbad Hotel Königshof. This vernissage is especially in the sign of acrylic painting. Interested parties thus have the opportunity to support regional art and be inspired.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Königshof Vernissage Michael Willnauer
19:30 Uhr
Johannesbad Hotel Königshof
Vernissage opening Michael Willnauer

From 02.01.2024 to 06.02.2024 works of the artist Michael Willnauer will be exhibited in the lobby of the Johannesbad Hotel Königshof. This vernissage is especially in the sign of wood sculptures and sculpture. For several decades, the artist from Wernstein manages to excite and inspire people with his art.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Herbstfest
28.09.-29.09 2024
10:00 - 22:00 Uhr
Autumn Festival

On the last weekend in September, KuG Fasching invites you to the autumn festival. All day long, live music and dancing invite you to linger, and regional delicacies are also on offer. Gourmets of sweet tooth will also get their money's worth; homemade desserts will be sold on both days.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Fasching
Bad Füssing & Aigen/Inn
Carnival season

In the fifth season the Jecken in Bad Füssing and Aigen am Inn come so correctly at their expense. The enthronement of the princes on 02.01 heralds the beginning of the carnival season. The "Bunte Abend" in Aigen/Inn on 19.01, the carnival gala in the large course hall on 09.02 and the "Lumpenball" in Aigen/Inn on the same day are thereby only an excerpt of the meetings, which are offered to carnival enthusiasts. The highlight of the carnival are the carnival parades on 11.02.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Winterzauber Weihnachtsmarkt
24.11.-26.11.2023 & 01.12.-03.12.2023
Kleines Kurhaus/Musikpavillon
Christmas magic in Bad Füssing

Bad Füssing will turn into a christmas-wonderland. Amongst decorated trees you will find traditional arts & crafts and various culinary delicacies.

Johannesbad Therme Bad Füssing Thermen Marathon
Johannesbad Therme
Johannesbad Thermen-Marathon

The sports highlight of the year will also start in 2024 in its 29th edition. The Johannesbad will then again be the meeting place for sports enthusiasts from the region and offer you the opportunity to beat your personal best time. Whether the school run, the 10km, the half marathon or the marathon - every running enthusiast will get his money's worth.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Kurgymnastik
Monday - Friday
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 08:30 - 09:15 Tuesday, Thursday 09:15 - 10:00
Kurgymnastikhalle, Inntalstraße 1
Early morning gymnastics

Whether you are a morning grouch or an early riser - a round of early morning gymnastics will perk you up and get your joints and circulation going.

Participation is only possible with shoes with light-coloured soles.
If you do not have a valid spa card / annual spa card / citizen card, registration is necessary at the Health Service Centre before participation.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Königshof Vernissage Robert Weber
19:30 Uhr
Johannesbad Hotel Königshof
Vernissage opening Robert Weber

From 06.02.2024 to 05.03.2024 works of the artist Robert Weber will be exhibited in the lobby of the Johannesbad Hotel Königshof. This vernissage is particularly in the sign of his painting. The Vilshofener always manages to put impressive exhibitions on the legs and invites interested people to dream.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Königshof Vernissage Caroline Nowecki
19:30 Uhr
Johannesbad Hotel Königshof
Vernissage opening Caroline Nowecki

From 05.03.2024 to 02.04.2024 works of the artist Caroline Nowecki will be exhibited in the lobby of the Johannesbad Hotel Königshof. She presents her accumulated knowledge and creation from more than 25 years of professional experience as a restorer. In her function she has already led several exciting projects, such as the restoration of the high altar in the catholic parish church St. Margareta in Tiefenbach.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Königshof Vernissage opening Sylvia Gnatz
Johannesbad Hotel Königshof
Vernissage opening Sylvia Gnatz

From 02.04.2024 to 07.05.2024 works of the artist Sylvia Gnatz will be exhibited in the lobby of the Johannesbad Hotel Königshof. Interested visitors can look forward to a lively composition of 30 years of creative work. Through a colorful mix of wood sculpture works and lithographs diversity and variety is also offered.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Königshof Vernissage Gudrun Bielmeier
19:30 Uhr
Johannesbad Hotel Königshof
Vernissage-Eröffnung Gudrun Bielmeier

Vom 07.05.2024 bis 04.06.2024 werden Werke der Künstlerin Gudrun Bielmeier in der Lobby des Johannesbad Hotel Königshof ausgestellt. Die ehemalige Pianistin fokussiert sich auf das Portrait von Mensch und Tier und arbeitet dabei am liebsten an den Zeichnungen mit Farbstiften. Dabei spannen die Zeichnungen den Bogen zwischen absoluter Detailgenauigkeit bis zu schemenhaften Skizzen.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Sunday Shopping
26.05.2024 & 18.08.2024 & 13.10.2024
10:00 - 16:00 Uhr
Bad Füssing
Sunday shopping

The open Sundays offer the perfect opportunity to get to know Bad Füssing and its charming stores. You can discover the city in a relaxed way, just let yourself drift and switch off from the stressful everyday life. But there is also something on offer. The first open Sunday is dedicated to bicycles, the second makes every craftsman's heart beat faster and on the third you can marvel at old cars and bulldogs and also take part in the classic car meeting.

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Bad Füssing Open
Bad Füssing Open

Attention all fans of the yellow ball! This year the tennis club Bad Füssing organizes again a tennis world ranking tournament ITF700 for women and men from 30. The international elite in senior tennis will gather to offer a spectacle to the spectators. Off the court, too, there is plenty on offer for those interested, including the Casino Night and the Bavarian Evening.

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